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Quality Explanations

Specials Quality

Specials description is a Clumber Spaniel that possesses the characteristics necessary to compete at the Breed and Group levels. He/She will be an AKC Champion and will have proven their abilities as a show dog. Great opportunity for a Junior Showman.

Proven Show Quality

A young dog who is over 6 months old and has proven their ability to compete. This Clumber Spaniel will be show and obedient trained. He/She will have the attitude, structure, and movement that it will take to become a champion. He/She will be crate trained and will know how to travel to dog shows.

Show Quality

This will be a puppy who is under 6 months of age. This will be a young Clumber Spaniel puppy who shows promise of becoming a good show dog. He/She appears to possess all of the attributes necessary to compete towards their AKC championship. Worthy of breeding.

Pet Quality

This will be a Clumber Spaniel that the breeder deems not a part of a breeding program. He/She has all the qualities necessary to be a valuable addition to the family and participate in companion events, if desired.