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About Us

Chip and Shelley Miller

SunMagic is home to Clumber Spaniels who compete in a variety of venues including conformation, obedience/rally, tracking and hunting.

We began our involvement with Clumber Spaniels in 2006 and had the opportunity over the years to learn from several established breeders. It was the breeder of the Cearig kennel prefix (deceased), sharing her 30+ years of experience breeding, who had the most influence on us for breeding the next generation of quality dogs. Our small/hobby breeding program is therefore committed to preserving those bloodlines.

In 2010, Shelley completed Dr. Claudia Orlandi’s program, the ABC’s of Dog Breeding What Every Breeder Should Know! and received the AKC’s Breeder Education Certificate. She has attended the Breeder’s Symposium presented by American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Health Foundation. We work closely with Dr. Sara Lyle, DVM, Ph.D., Dip.ACT,  Professor of Theriogenology, at the North Carolina State University for our breeding needs. We’ve educated ourselves on various breeding practices and have incorporated those we find appropriate into our program. As the art of breeding purebred dogs moves forward, we utilize lessons learned, new advances, and the expertise of specialist to improve our chances for producing great Clumber Spaniels and to help ensure the future for this wonderful breed.

When transforming our puppies into healthy adult dogs the behaviors and temperament needed is complex. Thus, in addition to our careful attention to genetic selection, we provide appropriate social and behavior development. All our pups receive in- home, hands-on care with early socialization and personality testing at 7 weeks. All litters are AKC registered and puppies are sold on contract.

The best compliment received from one of our Clumber Spaniel owners was……

“you don’t breed Clumber Spaniels, you breed love”


American Kennel Club licensed judge- License # 102995

Clumber Spaniel Club of the Carolinas -President 2020

Clumber Spaniel Club of America – www.clumbers.org

  • 2016-present Judges Education Chairperson
  • 2014-2016 Board Member, 2010-2011 Secretary

Clumber Spaniel Fanciers of Michigan – www.clumberfanciersofmi.org

  • 2014-present Board Member

Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation – http://clumberhealth.org

  • 2017-present Treasurer

Durham Kennel Club – www.durhamkennelclub.com

Owner Handler Association of America, Inc. – https://www.facebook.com/ownerhandlersassoc/