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Welcome in 2019 with your Clumber Spaniel

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, set goals!

The start of the New Year is a good time to think about what you want to accomplish in the coming months with your Clumber Spaniel. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get healthy– Start by taking him/her for walks. This is a great way to exercise your Clumber Spaniels and to build your bond with him/her.

Learn something new– This goes for new puppies needing training and for our older dogs who need stimulation. Pick one command or trick at a time and enjoy the fun of training. Remember shorts sessions with Clumber Spaniels; they get bored with repetitive training….or nagging.

Do something positive for others– Consider therapy work with your mature Clumber Spaniel. Becoming a therapy animal team can be very rewarding. Kudos to team Susan & Macy who are already doing this type of work.

Meet new friends– Keep your Clumber Spaniel socialized. This includes the older dogs, as well. Schedule play dates with friends, take walks to meet new fur friends, join a dog club, or just get out and about!

Go to the vet– Keep on schedule with your annual exams and appropriate vaccinations. Preventative care is the best approach.

Send an update– It’s always a thrill for a breeder (SunMagic Clumber Spaniels), previous owner, or rescue group to hear from you and see pictures of your Clumber Spaniel enjoying his/her forever home. We are fortunate to get updates on all of our dogs who have been placed in their forever homes- we thank you!

Chip & I wish you the best in 2019. May your year be filled with health, peace, happiness, and excessive tail wagging, U-shaped dances, Woo-woo’s, peaceful snoring, a sea of white hair, and daily kisses from your beloved Clumber Spaniel.

SunMagic Clumber Spaniel NuNews

Molly & Edna receive their first points towards their Championship title.

Molly- SunMagic CMTK Secret Admirer- pictured at 12 months with her owner John M.
Thank you judge Cindy Lane

Edna Sue- SunMagic Saucerful of Secrets- pictured at 15 months.
Thank you judge Dana Cline

On invite, Henry & I are honored to win Best of Breed at the 2018 AKC National Championship Owner-Handled Series.

Henry- GCH. SunMagic King Of The Kastle, TD, CD, CGC.
Thank you judge Dr. Anthony DiNardo

Please mark your calendar to attend The Clumber Spaniel Club of America’s National Specialty held in Sanford, North Carolina from March 16th- March 21st. Details can be found at www.clumbers.org.

Stay well, stay safe!

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