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Yikes, my Clumber Spaniel is teething!

Your puppy’s 28 teeny tiny razor milk teeth will start to fall out between 12-16 weeks to make room for the new adult teeth that follow. During this time you’ll notice your sweet, cuddly Clumber Spaniel will turn into an irritable white chew monster! Yep, your puppy will mouth everything in sight- your fingers, your toes, your heels, the banister, the window sills, shoes, socks, etc.

So, what to do? Teething is uncomfortable and confusing for your pup, so its important to direct them to things that will soothe sore gums. Consider offering hard rubber toys, especially ones that can be filled with water and frozen. A cool toy in the mouth will relieve sore gums. Offer plenty of toys to chew on, use positive redirection to safe toys when the pup drifts to the furniture leg to chew. Also, ice cubes, bully sticks or himalayan cheese chews, all used sparingly, can be helpful and satisfying at this trying time.

Good news! This process doesn’t last long. By 6 months of age your Clumber Spaniel puppy’s adult teeth should be in. However, chewing is a dog’s natural desire, so redirection towards safe toys is a good practice at any age.

SunMagic Clumber Spaniel NuNews

We’ve been busy this fall raising a litter of 4 beautiful puppies who were born on September 5th.

Henry- GCH. SunMagic King Of The Kastle, TD, CD, CGC earned his Companion Dog title, was invited to the AKC National Championship Owner-Handler Series competition, and is soon to compete for a Tracking Excellence title.

Lillie Mae- SunMagic Castles Quest earned a major in conformation after being away from the show ring for over 6 months while she was hunt test training at Brier Creek Southern Kennels. www.briercreekkennels.com  She will soon be competing in AKC licensed Spaniel Hunt Test.

Edna- SunMagic Saucerful of Secrets is our new addition out of Eli & Biscuit.

Stay well, stay safe!

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