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Beat the Heat – Protecting your SunMagic Clumber Spaniel


Last week there was a horrible accident in which several show dogs lost their lives from heatstroke. This devastating event made me think, it’s a good time to remind our SunMagic Clumber Spaniel subscribers of the safety tips necessary to keep your dogs safe this summer.

These safety tips on prevention, early detection, and immediate action can help ensure the health of your Clumber Spaniel.

Prevent overheating

  1. Use common-sense
  2. Limit outdoor activity to early morning & late evening
  3. When outside, provide plenty of fresh, cool water & shade
  4. Let your Clumber Spaniel play in a kiddie pool
  5. Think twice about shaving your Clumber.  All that hair can look hot, but it actually helps to keep your dog insulated- cool in hot weather & warm in cool weather.  Plus, it protects them against sunburn.
  6. NEVER leave your dog in an unattended car, even for ‘a minute’.  The car acts like an oven- it cooks your dog!

Signs of Heatstroke

Early signs- heavy panting, rapid breathing, excessive drooling, bright red gums

Advanced signs- labored breathing, unwillingness to move, lethargy, white or blue gums

Cooling Methods

  1. Get your Clumber Spaniel out of the sun and into a cool building or shade
  2. Wet him down with cool water
  3. Allow him to lick ice chips or drink small amounts of cool water
  4. If you don’t see a rapid improvement with these measures contact your veterinarian.

PLEASE, take precautions!

SunMagic Clumber Spaniel Nu News

We are happy to brag that Henry (SunMagic King Of The Kastle) won Winners Dog, for a 5 point major, at the Clumber Spaniel Fanciers of Michigan’s 13th Annual Independent Specialty……..among some very strong competition.  Pictures are soon to come.

Please join us in welcoming Lillie to the SunMagic family.Lillie

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