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Can I Survive My Teenage Clumber Spaniel?

Are you wondering how your cute, cuddly Clumber Spaniel became so rambunctious & full of energy?  Or, what has happened to all your hard work teaching him good manners? Well, if you are asking these questions, your Clumber Spaniel may be experiencing what is known as the teenage phase.

This phase varies from breed to breed and among individual dogs.  However, the Clumber Spaniel will generally experience adolescence starting around 9 months and lasting until 18 months. It is during this time that their brain is flooded with an increase in hormones that contribute to the dreaded behavioral changes of teens:  moodiness, testing rules & boundaries, disobedience, resource guarding, intense response to external stimuli, the ‘zoomies’, and selective hearing , among others.

So, YES, you and your teenage Clumber Spaniel CAN survive!  Here are a few tips on how.

  1. Exercise- once tired your Clumber Spaniel will become more calm.
  2. Continue training- it is important for safety and mental stimulation to be well-mannered.  This work does eventually pay off.
  3. Continue socialization- enjoyable interactions with strangers, both dog & human, will help ward off behavior problems.
  4. Be patient, persistent, and consistent

This can be a challenging time, but it is nevertheless considered normal for your Clumber Spaniel. With preparation and understanding the time can be used to set good habits for both you and your dog. Again, with patience, persistence and consistency you will survive & it won’t be long before you are back to that cute, cuddly, Clumber Spaniel that you fell in love with at the beginning.


*Note- consult your veterinarian and/or a professional dog trainer or behaviorist as soon as a behavior concern develops.

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