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Springing up Clumbers!




Shedding-  Yes, Clumbers shed!  Shedding is natural, but the dry, winter coat can cause mats and tangles as it falls out.  Gentle, regular brushing helps to restore oils to the new coat, and stimulates the skin.  An Omega 3 oil capsule once a day to assist with this transition can be helpful.

Allergies- Springtime allergies can be a doozy for you and your Clumber. Pollen from the first flowering trees, dandelions, and tulips, dust, mold and even insects can cause allergic reactions. Symptoms include itching, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and/or flaky skin. Canine allergy medicines are effective; your vet can prescribe the safest dose.  What I have added to my bedtime routine is to wipe everyone’s face with a warm, mild soapy (Johnson& Johnson) washcloth, rinse, and give one drop per eye of sterile saline.

Toxis Mulch-  Alert! Cocoa mulch, often used as bedding mulch for park side flower beds, is very attractive to, but highly toxic to our Clumbers.  Keep yours out of the flower beds.  Yes! that goes for you Ben!!!


Beautiful LaVerne, Vernie as she is fondly called, enjoying the blossoms of spring. Vernie is loved by Craig & Sheree and her Golden Retreiver brother, Frankie.

SunMagic Nu News

Henry begins tracking at the age of 12 weeks.

Shirley wins Select Bitch at the Garden and at the CSCA Regional Specialty.

Two breedings done this week!  28 days before we can confirm a pregnancy. Fingers crossed!!

Best to all!!!



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